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Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Geometry of Cars

Geometry is an essential element of transportation design. Take a moment to write down a few ways in which geometry affects cars and other vehicles. 

Discussion Questions
  1. What data is necessary to collect in order to understand the role of geometry in transportation? 
  2. What spatial perspectives and/or mathematical planes are relevant? 

The cover of The Geometry of Cars, to the right above, features a car on the road. 

Discussion Questions
  1. What angles can be measured on the diagram? 
  2. Which angles are most relevant for the vehicle as it travels on the road?  
  3. Is any essential information missing from the picture? What is necessary in order to measure that information?

Geometry diagrams featuring automobiles and other vehicles are available in the following book from Schottenbauer Publishing:

Geometry Workbooks

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